Her Life of Learning

As a servant leader, as a giver, as a champion for the under-served, I'm a sucker for being needed. I have been told that a culture shift is necessary at MSU and that I am the best for that job. I agree. My life has been spent working for equity, inclusion, a safer, gentler, kinder word through Education. My expertise, passion, and professional experience can be brought to bear in order to restore MSU--heal and educate her students, change her policies and practices, and ensure safety, inclusion, and belongingness for her students.


My husband is a two-time alum of MSU. I have two daughters who currently attend. My husband said to me, "Run Rema. I want my University back." My daughter said, "Yes Mom! Run! We need help! How can I support you?!" These are two of my biggest fans--and critics. I count on them to tell me the truth. Their support and encouragement mean everything to me, and I don't want to let them down. I want to be the change they want and need.



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