Transparency and


Transparency and Accountability

From the outside looking in, the elected Board appears divided and fractious. Optimal decision-making processes are carried out when Board members keep the fact that they work for the students, faculty, staff and taxpayers of Michigan at the core of their choices. Dissensions and factions are mitigated when Board members coalesce around what’s best for students. As a Board member, I will attempt to unite the board around core values and objectives. I have done this kind of work with school leadership across the country, and I teach conflict mediation and organizational coalescing globally. I will move the Board to work harmoniously to make student-centered decisions. 

One of my strengths is my relationships with students. I will consistently interject their voice into our space when deciding policy and procedures. Remaining accessible and available to have on-going dialogue with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community will assist me in bringing focus to our work, to determine the best ways for the university to fulfill its core missions and priorities. 

Transparency and timely truthfulness seem to be on-going concerns with MSU’s Board. I will hold myself and fellow Board members accountable for open processes and visibility in choices we make. Garnering input from all of the groups mentioned above will go a long way in establishing trust needed to solve unique problems MSU will be challenged with because of COVID19 and the rebellions. Collective responses to shared problems will help us remain accountable to those who elected us to serve.


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