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Dr. Rema

Michigan State University 

2020 Board of Trustee Nominee (D)

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With her powerful sense of agency, she often feels an obligation to use her resources, skills, talents to meet the needs of others. She services the underrepresented, the dispossessed, the most vulnerable, the wretched of the earth because she sees herself in them. We are all interdependent. Dr. Rema believes in the collective. She just happens to relate most with those who have been counted out.

Dr. Rema is a former K-12 public school teacher, counselor, administrator, and parent organizer with over two decades of experience. With a focus on developing transformative servant leaders, Dr. Reynolds Vassar has taught and presented at professional conferences throughout the United States and in over 20 countries. She is enamored with two Spartans—her husband who is a 2-time alum, and her daughter, a sophomore at MSU. They are both counting on her to work hard and restore MSU to international prominence with a dedication to equity, access, inclusion, and safety for every student, faculty, staff, and alum.

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Dr.Rema partners with parents and caretakers to provide creative and personalized ways to negotiate with school personnel at every level for the best educational experiences for children. 

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